Holly Marlow

Adoption, Fostering and Special Guardianship

TV shows

We try to normalise different types of families, by watching TV shows that include adoption, or families that could be formed through adoption. When these shows are on, I point it out, often with quite a ramble if it’s not obvious, e.g. “look, he’s got 2 Dads, but you can’t grow in a man’s tummy can you, so maybe he grew in someone else’s tummy like you did and now he’s adopted!”

These are our personal favourites!


– Hey Duggee (Happy the crocodile has an elephant Mum)


– Chip and Potato (Season 3 has gay zebra Dads)

– Dinosaur Train (Buddy is adopted as an egg and doesn’t know much about his history)

Amazon Prime:

– Bug Diaries (2 worm Mums – although science does permit for worm mamas to start a family without any male involvement, I have previously surmised to my children that they might have adopted their children)

– The Ice Princess (a dinosaur is adopted by a bird)

Please do watch before introducing your children to these shows, in case you feel that any of them might be triggering to your child.