Holly Marlow

Adoption and Fostering Stories and Resources

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Delly Duck: Why A Little Chick Couldn’t Stay With His Birth Mother

When Delly Duck lays an egg, she is excited for it to hatch. But she doesn’t really know how to keep an egg safe, or how to look after her chick when he hatches. See how a concerned goose tries to help Delly to learn how to care for her chick, in this touching adoption story.

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Adopting a Little Brother or Sister

So you’re adopting a little brother or sister, huh? Find out what to expect, with this big sister’s guide to adopting a younger sibling! Written from the perspective of a big sister who has adopted a baby brother, this book covers the adoption process, up to the point of the sibling moving in.

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So You’ve Adopted a Sibling

This second book in the Sibling Adoption Series explores the experiences and emotions that a big brother or sister may experience after placement of their new sibling.