Holly Marlow

Adoption, Fostering and Special Guardianship

Stage Two

Stage 2 was a little more intense. We had something like 7 interviews with a new social worker. It seems the adoption agency changes the social workers between stages, perhaps so that more people have met you and evaluated your suitability, so that assessment carries more weight. We were asked about our childhoods, our relationships […]

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Towards the end of Stage 1 of the adoption process, we were invited to go to “prospective adopters training.” This was 3 full days of training with other prospective adopters, plus a “Carousel Evening” to speak to experienced adopters. I was so excited! The training was HARD. Not in the sense that it was difficult […]

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Stage One

Stage 1 of the adoption process is largely about checking that you’re “alright” to adopt. We had DBS checks done to show that we have no criminal convictions. Strangely, my husband’s check was completed a month quicker than mine, and my form turned up just as I was beginning to panic that perhaps there might […]

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